Who we are

Wake & Bake Nautical

Wake & Bake nautical, a company founded to take away all the stress linked to possessing a marine craft in Québec! The summer season on water is really expensive and creates a lot of costs!

Why buy when it’s easier and cost-effective to rent. In this way, you can fully seize your sunny day on the water.

WB nautical is the ideal way to complement your hot and sunny days, Wake surfing, birthdays, staff parties, watch the fireworks, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or simply to chill on the river!

We are located on the St-Laurent river and the departures can vary according to your needs
(St-Lambert / Longueuil / Old Port / Boucherville)

We offer a personalised service with competitive rates, you can also add some interesting options
(Look at our packages)


Rates & Packages

Pilot, insurance and fuel included.

image1 (2).jpeg


Half a day 750$ / 15 ppl
(+ 30$ / ppl)

Full day (8h) 1200$ / 15 ppl
(+50$ / ppl)


Mastercraft nxt20

480$ / 2 hours

750$ / 4 hours

1300$ / 8 hours


Tahoe Q8 

Half a day / 350$
Full day (8h) / 600$

Weekend (72h) / 1500$

Comes with the trailer

The Jamaïcan

Half a day / 900$
Full day (8h) / 1500$

Weekend (72h) / 3500$

Some Packages

Add a little something.

Catering service

Feeling hungry?

The base:
Sandwiches/crudités and dip/salad


The gourmand:
sausages lfb/wings/meat skewers/crudités and dip/salad and fruits platter (Grill man included)


includes utensils/ice/plates/glasses


Add some magic


(contact us for more information)


Everything you need

Photographer 100$/h
Grill man 50$
Souvenir video 300$

Trampoline 200$

(50% upon the rental ''Jamaican'')

Live music 

(contact us for more information) 

Stand up comedian 

(contact us for more information)
Deluxe choreographer
(contact us for more information)


Faithful clients: 
receive 20% off the total of your bill on the second reservation you make with us.


Duo Wake & Bake: 
rent the Yacht and the Wake surf boat to receive a 20% off the wake boat price.


Our boats

You choose.

image3 (1).jpeg

The Yatch

Chris Craft vintage 1974 of 36’, can take in up to 24 persons including the boat crew! There is a closed bedroom, bathroom and shower, living room/bedroom and a kitchen. It is equipped with a very strong sound system and a TV! You can also cook outside with the BBQ and 2 coolers.

Mastercraft nxt20

Mastercraft nxt20 2016 Wake surf edition of 20’, can take up 10 persons. We also offer all the needed equipment to wake surf, 8 boards of different styles, rope, vests, wake shaper, etc.


Tahoe Q8

Tahoe Q8 2005 22 feets long.


Contact Us

*we ask for a 25% deposit

*in case of storms, it is possible to postpone the reservation to the day of your choice

*a deposit of 1000$ is also asked for eventual breakage